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EGG-stravaganza has been moved to Saturday, October 10th!
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How to Prevent Winter Injury to Trees and Shrubs

If you are like many of your neighbors here on Eastern Long Island, you may have had winter damage done to some of your Non-Deciduous Trees and Shrubs over the past few years.

One, Two, Three - What Soil Tests Numbers Really Mean

With just a tiny bit of water, a handful of seeds and some sunshine, your garden makes its own magic. Well, almost! Your plants get all their food from the soil, too. After a busy summer, it’s time for your soil’s checkup, so your soil can keep growing its best.

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The Naked Truth about Molt

Molt is the natural shedding of feathers and regrowth of new ones. Learn from Nutrena Poultry Specialist Twain Lockhart what you can do to help your get through molt faster. Visit for more info on molt!