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Baby Chicks and Pullets Available! Print our Interactive form: http://bit.ly/1Ly44B3
By popular demand, Order your Chicks through Us! CLICK HERE for our printer friendly form: http://bit.ly/1Ly3UKf

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Patience May be a Virtue (but maybe not when it's your Garden!)

We’ve all heard that saying that “Patience is a Virtue” and for most things in life, it is. Haste can make waste. But when it comes to matters in your garden, your reaction time to a problem can make a big difference in getting a favorable outcome!

Is it Nyjer or is it Thistle? - The big Truth about a little Seed!

When it comes to feeding beautiful Goldfinch, people love to attract and feed them our very popular Feathered Friend Finch Delight. It is a deluxe mix of smaller seeds which includes the ever so popular and mysterious Nyjer seed.

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Canning Tomatoes with Ball Canning

Learn how to can tomatoes with Ball Canning, your ultimate resource for home canning and preserving. This video shows you how to can sun-ripened, garden tomatoes, straight from the vine.